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Reibanq Overseas Bank

Reibanq Ltd was founded with the aim of managing and facilitating the banking services between its group's financial companies as well as to provide tailor-made and comprehensive banking solutions to a large and rapidly expanding global clientele.

Incepted since 2006 the first investment company Reibanq with the meaning of Real Estate Investment Banking, offering innovative real estate investments and merchant banking services to institutional investors, quickly expanded the range of services with add-ons such as cross-border payments, trade finance and wealth management services.

Please feel free to  contact us to find out more about our global banking services.

We would be more than happy to have you or your business as our valued customer if certain eligibility criteria are meet.

Reibanq Overseas offers global banking services to both individuals and businesses, overcoming the concept of traditional banking, carefully analyzing all the details and features of our services in order to fully meet the expectations of its customers.

Our values :

Integrity is at the core of our ability to satisfy global customers. Respect strengthens our commitment to clients and enhances our strong reputation as a well-respected, result-oriented bank.

We delight our customers through quality products and services and we put our minds and hearts to give full satisfaction to our customers.

Passionate about what we do, we strive to achieve excellence, value creation, equity and fairness.

With an entrepreneur spirit, we constantly seek for and act selectively on new opportunities within the framework of wealth management whilst constantly applying ourselves to create and innovate.

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